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Los Angeles Gynecomastia is dedicated to male breast reduction treatment and surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is considerably different than all other types of plastic surgery. This is why Los Angeles Gynecomastia / LA Gynecomastia was created. It is a site exclusively devoted to expert gynecomastia treatment and surgery. Optimal treatment of gynecomastia requires that the gynecomastia surgeon and his entire staff have considerable knowledge and experience and are dedicated to all aspects of gynecomastia care. Dr. Cruise has always recognized this even back when his practice was concentrated almost exclusively on his Beverly Hills gynecomastia patients. Now, recognized as a gynecomastia specialist, his practice has blossomed into an international destination for men looking for optimal treatment.

Los Angeles gynecomastia was specifically designed to address the needs the male breast reduction patient. Gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Cruise highlights the differences between different types of gynecomastia and the optimal treatment for each.

Performing over 150 male breast reduction procedures a year has allowed him to develop surgical routines that yield predictably good results. In fact, the procedure has become so advanced and efficient that most of the procedures are done under local anesthesia while the patient is watching movies on Netflix.

Many men who suffer from gynecomastia do not seek treatment mostly because they do not know a surgeon whom they can trust. If they knew of a place to go dedicated to gynecomastia; a place where they could get predictably good results often under local anesthesia, most would have it taken care of.” Dr. Cruise

The more advanced cases are usually done under general anesthesia. Still, having exposure to this many cases has allowed for Dr. Cruise to achieve great results even with the most severe cases. This is particularly true with the massive weight loss patient; patients who have lost sometimes 200 pounds or more! This is considerably different than the patient Dr. Cruise has coined as the Beverly Hills gynecomastia patient. This patient is often very fit yet is frustrated with his puffy nipples. The puffy nipples are noticeable in a T-shirt (particularly when it is hot) and they disrupt the definition of the chest muscles. Treatment of Beverly Hills gynecomastia patient is geared more to the sculpted look with definition of the lateral border of the pectoralis major muscle. Understanding your expectations is critical no matter what type gynecomastia you have.


Experience alone does not make a great result. Dr. Cruise and the entire staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery are both passionate and knowledgeable in the unique concerns of the gynecomastia patient. For this reason, we have developed a gynecomastia program that allows each patient to see his entire treatment plan on our innovative, secure on- line patient management system. This includes direct access to your patient coordinator to answer your questions or concerns. This level of customer service is very comforting. It reassures each patient that nothing is overlooked and that we are there for them.

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