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    Beach Bound and Shirtless, First Time in Years.

    Gynecomastia surgery changes one man’s life.

    Since he was a teenager, Dr. Cruise’s patient, Ian, had been suffering with a rare case of uni-lateral gynecomastia, which means having only one enlarged breast. Around 17 years old, Ian stopped playing water polo and wasn’t spending time at the pool or beach. During this same period, Ian was prescribed a medication, which caused rapid weight gain and increased the severity of his enlarged breast. As a result, Ian’s life changed. He was depressed, embarrassed and humiliated. He would no longer take his shirt off and only wore clothing that would hide his chest. Ian became less active and social.

    Gynecomastia before after photo


    After four years of researching options for getting rid of gynecomastia, Ian learned there was nothing he could do on his own to get rid of his enlarged breast; not even weight loss would completely remove it. He came to the realization surgery was the only permanent solution for treating his condition and re-gaining control of his life.

    After extensive research, Ian chose Dr. Cruise to perform his surgery, because he is regarded as an expert in the field of gynecomastia correction, performing more than 200 cases each year. After a successful surgery, Ian’s life has dramatically changed for the better. On the first sunny day after he was fully recovered, Ian headed to the beach and took his shirt off for the first time in years.  “I no longer worry about people staring at my chest or giving me a strange look,” comments Ian. He now enjoys all the water activities he used to do before his gynecomastia developed. Today Ian has nothing to hide and wears anything he wants, including white t-shirts, thin shirts or no shirts! Ian believes having gynecomastia surgery was the best decision he could have made and has peace of mind knowing his condition is gone forever.

    Ian told Dr. Cruise, “Now I get to enjoy my results for as long as I live!”

    Ian’s story is one of many which frequently remind Dr. Cruise why over a decade ago he chose to specialize in gynecomastia surgery. Although gynecomastia is considered “cosmetic surgery” in the medical community, specifically health insurance companies, those affected with enlarged male breasts view it as more of an abnormality or deformity. While the condition is not considered a medical threat, nor is it “technically” deemed debilitating, men suffering with gynecomastia would disagree.

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