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What You Should Know About Gynecomastia: Type 5

October 18, 2021

While many plastic surgeons will treat gynecomastia, few have the extensive experience and understanding of the condition like Dr. Joseph Cruise. In fact, Dr. Cruise created the Cruise Classification System to identify the different types of gynecomastia and the best surgical technique for each. Here, we will explore Type 5 gynecomastia, or “significant breast roll” gynecomastia.

What is Type 5 Gynecomastia?

Type 5 Gynecomastia is characterized by a significant breast roll which extends into the axilla, or armpit area. This tissue will appear droopy with excess skin which extends through the back of the armpit. The significant breast roll appearance and excess skin are the primary differentiators between Type 4 and Type 5 gynecomastia. In Type 5 gynecomastia, patients will have loose skin both vertically and side-to-side, resulting in the drooping appearance. The most common Type 5 gynecomastia patients are overweight or have experienced a significant weight loss, resulting in excess loose skin in the chest area.

What Causes Type 5 Gynecomastia?

All types of gynecomastia are caused in part by excess breast tissue, and Type 5 is no exception. This can be the result of hormonal imbalance, genetic issues, side effects of medications or drugs, or other factors. However, Type 5 gynecomastia is also caused by excess loose skin and fat. Many type 5 gynecomastia patients have experienced a fluctuation in weight resulting in loose skin in the chest area. Other patients may have loose skin due to the natural aging process in which skin produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in poor elasticity. This can contribute to the sagging or drooping seen in Type 5 gynecomastia.

 How is Type 5 Gynecomastia Treated?

With Type 5 gynecomastia, the chest is not the only concern. Patients also experience uncomfortable fullness in the armpit area and a subsequent roll below. For this reason, sculpting the armpit area in addition to the chest is important to achieve ideal results for Type 5 gynecomastia patients.

Type 5 gynecomastia correction consists of a horizontal incision along the breast crease which extends into the armpit area. There may also be the need for a small vertical incision into the armpit area to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin. After creating a masculine chest shape and reducing axillary fullness, Dr. Cruise will reposition the nipple and areola for a youthful appearance. This can be achieved through Pedicle Gynecomastia nipple repositioning, in which the nipple remains in place as excess tissue is removed from around it, or a free nipple graft, in which the nipple and areola are repositioned as a skin graft. In addition to these steps, Dr. Cruise will take care to ensure that excess skin is removed for a tighter, toned look.

After gynecomastia surgery, most patients are ready to return to work about 1 weeks into their recovery process.A compression garment should be worn throughout the recovery process according to Dr. Cruise’s directions, and drains typically remain in place for about six to ten days. Some swelling and soreness are both normal side effects of the surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Cruise can explain more about the recovery process and results.

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Dr. Joseph Cruise is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Regarded as one of the top gynecomastia surgeons in the world, Dr. Cruise has gynecomastia-specific content that can be found at Dr. Cruise has dedicated his career to cosmetic surgery but has also had extensive training in General Surgery, Hand Surgery, and Microvascular Surgery. Dr. Joseph Cruise is also a member of the Rhinoplasty Society as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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