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Common Problems Seen in Gynecomastia Revision Cases

July 26, 2022

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes excess male breast tissue typically due to a hormonal imbalance. This condition can affect males of all ages and can negatively impact an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully, gynecomastia surgery can permanently correct the condition for a flatter, more masculine chest. When choosing a surgeon to perform your gynecomastia surgery, be sure to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience working with gynecomastia patients. Otherwise, you may end up facing some of the following complications that can occur following your gynecomastia procedure.

Incomplete Removal of Breast Tissue

It is vital that the accurate amount of breast tissue is removed during gynecomastia surgery, or the result may compromised. Leaving too much tissue behind can cause residual puffy nipple or a chest the still looks more feminized.

To reduce the risk of an undesirable result, be sure to take the time to find a surgeon who is experienced in performing gynecomastia surgery.


A crater deformity is an indentation underneath the nipple resulting from removing too much breast gland. The most common method for improving this complication is with with fat transfer, which uses the patient’s own fat tissue to fill out the deformity.

Loose, Hanging Skin

Some patients with large saggy breasts may require skin removal for loose skin after gynecomastia surgery. Massive weight loss patients or those who are older in age may also need skin excised. If the surgeon does not perform this skin removal step, the patient can be left with excess, lax skin on the chest.

Low, Hanging Nipple Below Pec Muscle

For gynecomastia patients who require the removal of a large amount of tissue, the nipples may appear as if they are lower. While skin contracture may be able to correct this problem for some, other individuals may need a breast lift procedure in order for the nipple to be positioned properly on the chest.

Poor Communication with The Office

When there is poor communication between the office and the patient, there can be confusion and miscommunication when it comes to aftercare instructions. When patients are not aware of what to do or expect during recovery, complications may occur. Because of this, it is vital that you choose a practice that communicates clearly with patients before, during, and after surgery.

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For more information regarding gynecomastia surgery, contact gynecomastia specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Cruise today! Your first step toward a more confident you will be to schedule a consultation appointment with Cruise Plastic Surgery at their Newport Beach, CA office.

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Dr. Joseph Cruise is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Regarded as one of the top gynecomastia surgeons in the world, Dr. Cruise has gynecomastia-specific content that can be found at Dr. Cruise has dedicated his career to cosmetic surgery but has also had extensive training in General Surgery, Hand Surgery, and Microvascular Surgery. Dr. Joseph Cruise is also a member of the Rhinoplasty Society as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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