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1 Day Post Op Instructions


You are okay to shower today. Hot water will increase swelling so luke-warm water is preferred for the first 2 weeks. Soap and Water are okay to touch your incisions and surgical tape. Please do not scrub the surgical area, gentle pressure is advised.

Wound Care

Do not remove the tape unless instructed to do so. We will change your tape for you at your next visit. In the case the tape becomes saturated or does come off on its own, pour a very small amount of Compound Benzoin (found in your pre-op bag) onto a piece of gauze and gently rub it directly along your incision. Apply the tan surgical tape (also found in your pre-op bag) immediately after applying the Benzoin.


When the drains fill up, empty the fluid into the sink or toilet. It is very important to squeeze all the air out before plugging it to create suction. The fluid going into the drains is mostly a saline solution that is used to numb and irrigate during your surgery. It is okay if you notice one of your drains is draining heavier than the other. Clip the drains to something when showering so they do not pull from the body. You can use a long necklace or tie a long string around your neck to clip them on. Please be aware, the drains are very easy to pull out so please use caution when getting dressed. If you notice the drain bulb will no longer will stay deflated, this is most likely because the drain got pulled and the part of the tube that is normally under the skin is now exposed to air.


Icing is most effective the week following surgery. It is recommended to ice 20 min on/ 20 min off when possible. For body procedures, you will find an ice pack provided for you in your pre-op bag. For most facial surgery, ice packs can be a little too heavy so instead we advise “ice-gauze”. Using the gauze found in your pre-op bag, dip it in a bowl of water and ice cubes and apply directly to your face.


Sleep at a 45 degree angle for 1 week after surgery. After one week you may lay flat on your back. Side-sleeping isn’t recommended until 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Physical Limitations

Each patient will heal at a different pace. Physical limitations are dependent on the individual’s internal healing. Please be mindful of how your body is feeling. If you do a certain motion and it feels 100% normal, you are okay to do it. If you do a motion and feel discomfort, tightness, pulling, etc., this is your body telling you it is not ready for that motion yet. Over-exerting yourself can delay internal healing as well as increase inflammation.