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Breast Roll

Another component of gynecomastia, which is rarely discussed, is the Male Breast Roll. This is an accumulation of fat around the outer part of the chest, which can also be present under the arm and toward the back. A male breast roll is frequently seen in gynecomastia patients that are overweight. Tightening the chest alone and leaving the breast roll will look unusual and perhaps worse. It is a routine practice of Dr. Cruise to remove a man’s  breast roll during his standard gynecomastia procedure at no additional cost. In doing so, a more optimal result is achieved and the patient is much happier with the appearance of his chest. If the male breast roll is not addressed during surgery, the result with be a flat chest with an exaggerated roll extending from the armpit area and likely to the back. This does not create an attractive 360 degree appearance.

Options for Addressing Male Breast Roll

Liposuction Alone

Liposuction alone – If the patient is young with tight skin, liposuction alone will be adequate.

Liposuction with Breast Roll Excision

Liposuction with breast roll excision – If the skin quality is not good, i.e. stretch marks, history of significant weight loss, or over 40, typically the breast roll will need to be removed with liposuction and skin excision. This will achieve an ideal contour and result that will last for decades.

It is important to know that any incisions made will continue to fade over time, whereas the male breast roll will get worse over time if not addressed at the time of surgery.

Example of a Breast Roll

Notice in the picture above, and in the one below, how the excess fat begins on the outer part of the chest and continues around toward the back.

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Many real life examples of Dr. Cruise’s patients are viewable by visiting the Gynecomastia Before and After Gallery. This will give you further understanding of what can be achieved with gynecomastia surgery. Contact Us today to learn more.