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Returning Home

Traveling After Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The most important thing we want you to know is that we are here for you even after you return home. We recommended you continue to relax upon your return home to expedite the recover process. Before you travel to California to have male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Cruise, we recommend preparing things to ensure you will have a peaceful and organized environment upon your return home. To assist in your preparation, we have outlined the typical process patients follow when traveling after male breast reduction surgery:

  1. You will see Dr. Cruise for your last in-person post-op appointment to ensure everything looks good for you to travel back home. This is the time to have any questions answered, so you feel comfortable taking care of yourself once home.
  2. Do not carry heavy luggage. Have someone assist you with checking your bags. If you have a carry-on bag, make sure it isn’t too heavy either. **Important** Strain on your chest can cause issues with the healing of the incision sites. Once you are onboard your flight, it is important to remember to walk around every 2 hours to avoid blood clots. We can provide you with a letter for the airline.
  3. Once home, continue to relax to ensure the best healing outcome. Do not start doing housework like vacuuming, heavy lifting, or other strenuous activities.
  4. We will be in touch with you upon your arrival home to ensure you are doing well.
  5. We will request photos to be sent in on a regular basis so that we can check on the progression of your healing.
  6. For any of your questions or concerns,  you may arrange a telephone or virtual post-operative conference call with Dr. Cruise. Simply let your patient care coordinator or nurse know you wish to speak with Dr. Cruise and she will arrange a day/time for this to take place.

Please keep in mind, traveling after gynecomastia surgery can take a toll on you. Listen to your body for signs you need additional rest. You may notice you are more tired than usual,  you have discomfort in your chest that wasn’t there before, oozing out of your incision site, you are dehydrated, or have a lack of appetite.

Remember we are here for you no matter how far away you are. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason. 949.644.4808.

Testimonial from an out-of-town patient

“I am happy to have found Dr. Cruise as my surgeon. it’s been so many years since I wanted to get somethings off my chest! Finally, flew to California from Canada and within a week had the consultation/procedure done. I already feel better wearing a shirt. there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I look forward to seeing the final results in the 6 months or so to come. Thanks to Dr. Cruise’s perfectionism and his genuine interest in helping men like me, I feel like having a new life. His kind office assistants, the members at the center for surgery, and the excellent anesthesiologist, plus the overnight stay at Aura, they all made it possible for an international patient such as me to get the best medical treatment. this is my day 3 after the surgery.”