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Male Breast Reduction Candidate

It is actually easier to determine if you good male breast reduction (gynecomastia) candidate, than it is to determine the exact cause of it. The ideal male breast reduction candidate can quite simply be any man who feels self-conscious about his enlarged breasts. If the problem is treated by a gynecomastia specialist such as Dr. Cruise, it can be effectively and safely improved and permanently corrected. Now having said that, there are certain situations, which can rule an individual out as a good male breast reduction candidate.  Some of them include:

  • prior medical history, which might put the patient at risk during surgery
  • inability to quit smoking
  • unable to stop taking certain medications
  • unrealistic expectations
  • psychological issues

It is important to know that gynecomastia is usually not associated with any serious medical problems. In fact, in most cases the cause is never identified. Having said that, there are some significant medical problems that do cause gynecomastia, which must be looked into further. To determine if your situation is treatable due to a specific medical reason, you must first visit your family doctor. When visiting with your primary doctor or a plastic surgeon it is important to list all the medications you are taking, as well as providing a complete medical history. Full disclosure is necessary. This cannot be stressed enough.

Understanding the various factors, which may compromise the result of gynecomastia correction, are important to know. They commonly include:

  1. Severely Overweight Men –  Although surgery will still improve gynecomastia when a man is severely overweight, the result will not be nearly as good as when he is within 30-40lbs of his ideal weight.
  2. Poor Skin Quality – In order for to achieve optimal results with gynecomastia surgery two important things must happen.  The first is to remove the excess tissue and/or fat. The second is skin contraction. Once the bulky under layer is removed, the skin now has to work it’s way to contracting back. Some men do not have the skin quality necessary for this to happen.  The reasons for this can be any of the following:  men over the age of 50, men with significant sun damage, breasts with a lot of stretch marks, and men who have had gastric bypass or have lost excessive weight through other means.
male breast reduction candidate

“I went to the beach, for the first time in two years, with my shirt off! The best part was there were no weird looks or comments. My clothing options have opened immensely, there’s nothing to be seen through a white shirt.”