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    Meet with Dr Cruise

    Gynecomastia Pre-op Appointment

    A gynecomastia pre-op meeting with Dr. Cruise is required to ensure everything is in order prior to surgery. In most cases, patients traveling from out of the area have not met with Dr. Cruise in person. It is important he has the opportunity to evaluate your gynecomastia in person to reaffirm his initial suggested surgical plan. This also allows an opportunity for any remaining questions or concerns to be answered.

    The gynecomastia pre-op meeting typically takes place upon arrival in Newport Beach, Orange County. Often times this is the day before surgery. If arrival is not until the day of surgery, arrangements will be made to meet with Dr. Cruise before the procedure takes place. During this appointment, patients will meet with Dr. Cruise in person to review the surgical plan and ask questions. The nurse will review your list of medications, surgical consents, pre/post operative instructions, and take your before photos. You will also be given a pre/post operative kit with important items needed.

    Pre-operative video instructions