Surgery Day

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Day

The big day has arrived and you are feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness about your male breast reduction surgery day. Rest assured, you are in great hands! All of the details have been taken care of by Dr. Cruise and his qualified team.

Routinely, we prescribe Xanax for you to take the evening before surgery if you are feeling nervous or anxious. Please take it if needed, but do not to take Xanax the morning of surgery as it may affect your anesthesia.

Dr. Cruise performs all of his general anesthesia procedures at the highest accredited surgical facility: The Newport Beach Center for Surgery in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. The NBCS was established and accredited in 2002. This can be verified at And, his anesthesiologists, Dr. Cedric Choan and Dr. Michael Reines, are board-certified and specialized in cosmetic surgical procedures. Local anesthesia cases are performed in our office by Dr. Cruise and his medical assistants.

Night Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

  1. Our office and/or anesthesiologists will contact you the day before your surgery to answer any questions you may have and to re-confirm your arrival time.
  2. Make sure to get plenty of rest and pack your belongings if you will be staying overnight at one of our preferred recovery facilities.
  3. If you feel overly anxious do not hesitate to take the Xanax provided.
  4. Schedule a wake up call with your hotel.
  5. If you need assistance making transportation arrangements to our office or the surgery center, please let us know.
  6. Notify Dr. Cruise should you start to present any signs of an illness prior to or after surgery (fever, cough, flu-like symptoms)
  7. After midnight, do not have anything to eat or drink(even water)
  8. After showering, do not apply any cosmetics, lotions, creams or powders to your skin.

Day of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

  • You will need to arrive at the surgery center or our office at the designated time given by the staff.
  • For general anesthesia patients- Take 2 Celebrex 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time with a sip of water.
  • Bring your luggage with you if you are staying overnight at the recovery facility, otherwise, you will return to your hotel. We will arrange transportation if necessary.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing with a shirt that closes in the front so that you will not have to pull it over your head.
  • Bring your ID, medications, and glasses.

Keep yourself calm and relaxed and let the staff at the Surgical Facility or Cruise Plastic Surgery take care of you through the surgical process.

After surgery, you will be moved to a recovery room. Recovery times vary with each patient and the procedures being performed.

We will arrange for either the recovery center to pick you up or Uber to get back to your hotel. It is now time for you to rest and recover.

Don't forget, you are one step closer to achieving your goal of having the masculine chest you have always wanted!