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  • It is helpful to know what gynecomastia type you are prior to going for consultation.
  • Gyne. type helps determine Type of Surgery, Type of Anesthesia and Surgical Cost.
  • The single most reliable method of patients determining their gynecomastia type is Chest Fold Angle.
  • The single most reliable method of surgeons determining gynecomastia type is Excess Skin causing Nipple Bounce.
  • See Table and Examples below.
  • Knowing the gynecomastia type you have prior to consultation makes helps greatly with research and expectations.
  • It is essentail to distinguish between types 2, 3 and 4 as the treatments are dramatically different.
  • Determining chest fold angle is the single best gynecomastia type predictor for patient’s. See Below
  • Determining exact amount of excess skin via “Pinch Test” is most accurate and is done by Dr. Cruise.
  • If your chest bounces when running then excess skin is likely.