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Gynecomastia Orange County

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Gynecomastia Orange County

Many of our patients suffering with gynecomastia come from the Orange County, CA. area in search of the Gynecomastia Orange County surgeon. Men travel to see Dr. Cruise from Orange County  cities such as Irvine, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.

While our administrative office is located in Los Angeles, Dr. Cruise sees patients and performs surgery in Newport Beach, which is a convenient location for most gynecomastia patients living in the Orange County area. A commute of up to 30 minutes is worth it for men who want to be treated by the best gynecomastia surgeon in Orange County.

About Orange County

With approximately 3.1 million residents, Orange County is the third most populated county in all of California and the sixth most populated in the Country. There are 34 incorporated cities in Orange County, Aliso Viejo being the newest. Most densely populated counties have a city center, but Orange County lacks any one defined “center.”

Orange County’s first settlement,  Mission San Juan Capistrano, was founded in 1776. Eventually the mission added commerce and began making money off various goods. Entrepreneurs who followed, recognized Orange County’s good soil, and wide expanses of land and beaches. Settlers and farmers built homes, churches and schools.

The first established cities were Anaheim, Santa Ana and Orange, which became incorporated between 1876 and 1888.

W.H. Spurgeon purchased 74 acres and sold downtown lots for $15 each back in 18070. The area is now the town center of Santa Ana.

Two lawyers, Alfred Beck Chapman and Andrew Glassell, accepted 1,385 acres of land in lieu of a legal fee. The area was named Orange, and it eventually became a fruit packing and shipping center.

A man by the name of George Hansen represented German settlers who purchased land along the Santa Ana River. The town was named Anaheim. At one time the area was a major producer of wine and brandy, but is now known as the home of Disneyland and Mickey Mouse.To the south, Dana Point and Newport Beach became busy harbors. Cattle and sheep roamed the wide-open ranchos of inland south county.

In the early 1900s, landowners in Huntington Beach discovered oil. If you drive through the area today, you can still see some of the oil wells. Around the same time, Laguna Beach became a popular place for the entertainment industry to shoot film. Eventually, film stars started coming to the area for a quick getaway.

The big population boom in Orange County happened after  World War II. Farmland was replaced by houses in the county’s northern, central and western areas, later establishing the cities of Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa and Los Alamitos.


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