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3 weeks Post Op Instructions

Tape Change (Tape is worn for 3 months total)

You will be due to a tape change in 2 weeks. Tape should be changed every 2 weeks until you are three months post op. Apply a small amount of Benzoin on a piece of gauze and rub it directly on your incision. You may apply the surgical tape immediately after. Do not use Scarless until 3 months post op once you have completed 3 months of taping.

Compression (Compression is worn for 3 months total)

You are cleared to switch into the compression tank. This should be worn at all times until 3 months post op (except for showering). You can switch back to the vest while washing your compression tank, so please do not discard the vest until 3 months post op. Additional compression shirts are $60.00.


You are cleared to sleep on your side only if it is comfortable. No stomach sleeping is advised until you are 3 months post op.

Physical Limitations

At 4 weeks, you are cleared for upper body workouts as long as it is comfortable. Each patient will heal at a different pace. Physical limitations are dependent on the individual’s internal healing. Please be mindful of how your body is feeling. If you do a certain motion and it feels 100% normal, you are okay to do it. If you do a motion and feel discomfort, tightness, pulling, etc., this is your body telling you it is not ready for that motion yet. Over-exerting yourself can delay internal healing as well as increase inflammation.