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    Before & After Photos

    Moderate Gynecomastia Pedicle



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    After Image 1
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    This is a 63-year-old male patient who underwent Gynecomastia surgery with Gynecomastia Specialist, Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach. This patient always felt self-conscious about the appearance of his chest and refrained from removing his shirt in public.  His hopes for this surgery was to feel comfortable in his own skin, and to enjoy the activities he once felt was impossible. He decided to consult with Dr. Cruise, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years’ experience. Patient is extremely satisfied with his results at 6 Months Post-Op. 

    • Age: Over 45 years old
    • Weight: Between 165 and 175 pounds
    • Height: 6'0" and Over
    • Gender: Male
    • Post-op Timeline: 6 Months
    • Technique: Type 4 Pedicle; Liposuction of Axilla and Breast Roll
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