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Consultation Questions

Gynecomastia Consultation Questions

Print this page for your records. These questions are the most often asked during a Gynecomastia consultation and our expert consultants and Dr. Cruise will be more than happy to answer them for you during your visit.

General Questions

May I see before and after photos of your past patients who have had this procedure done by you?

Can you provide a couple of references to patients whom you have performed this procedure?

Is there anything about my particular case that may compromise my results?

Are you board certified, and if so, in what specialty?

How long have you been practicing plastic surgery?

How many times per month or year do you perform this procedure?

If a revision is needed, how is this handled?

Where will the surgery take place? Is the facility accredited?

Will I need to stay overnight in a recovery center?

Who will be the anesthesiologist? Is he/she board certified?

Gynecomastia Specific Questions

What procedure do you recommend for me?

How is the procedure performed? Where are the incisions?

How long does the surgery take?

Will this be done under general or local anesthesia?

Should I expect much bruising and/or swelling? If so, how long could it last?

What complications are associated with this procedure?

Could my gynecomastia come back again in the future?

What should I expect during the recovery process?

How much time should I take off work?

When can I resume exercise?

Do you recommend any other procedures to achieve the results I want?