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Gynecomastia Components, Gynecomastia Surgery

Can Gynecomastia be Treated with Testosterone?

By Dr. Joseph Cruise

Gynecomastia, characterized by excess breast tissue in males, can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. Given the hormonal origin of the condition, a natural question arises: can testosterone therapy effectively manage gynecomastia? Testosterone therapy can help with many things but cannot cure gynecomastia. Learn more about how testosterone levels…

What Does Gynecomastia Feel Like?

By Dr. Joseph Cruise

Gynecomastia, a condition unique to males, manifests as an excess of breast tissue, often stemming from hormonal imbalances. When testosterone levels dip below those of estrogen, the chest can enlarge, impacting individuals of all ages and influencing both their self-confidence and daily routines. Fortunately, through gynecomastia surgery, individuals can restore…

The Early Signs of Gynecomastia

By Dr. Joseph Cruise

Many teenagers and men struggle with gynecomastia, but that doesn’t necessarily stop embarrassment or a decrease in confidence. Luckily, with the help of board-certified gynecomastia expert Dr. Joseph Cruise, you can get back your confidence and achieve the toned, masculine chest you desire You may be wondering how you know…

A Closer Look at the Main Gynecomastia Components

By Dr. Joseph Cruise

Gynecomastia is a condition that often presents itself as excess breast tissue, excess fat, and/or excess skin in male breasts. Often called male breast enlargement or enlarged male breasts, there can be one or more components causing the condition, and discovering those causes can help you understand the options for…