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Can Gynecomastia be Treated with Testosterone?

March 23, 2024

Gynecomastia, characterized by excess breast tissue in males, can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. Given the hormonal origin of the condition, a natural question arises: can testosterone therapy effectively manage gynecomastia? Testosterone therapy can help with many things but cannot cure gynecomastia. Learn more about how testosterone levels can affect gynecomastia and how the condition can be treated with gynecomastia surgery at Cruise Plastic Surgery. 

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia manifests as a surplus of breast tissue in males, typically attributed to hormonal imbalances involving estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can present itself unilaterally or bilaterally in the breasts and may be treated through surgical intervention or non-invasive treatments, depending on its severity. Some associated side effects of gynecomastia include:

  • Psychological distress and reduced self-esteem
  • Physical discomfort or pain in the affected area
  • Social anxiety and avoidance of activities 
  • Impact on intimate relationships and confidence
  • Potential for hormonal imbalances affecting overall health and well-being

The Correlation Between Low Testosterone and Male Breasts

Fluctuations in hormone levels, common during infancy, puberty, and aging, can influence gynecomastia. While spontaneous regression is possible in some cases, medical or surgical interventions become necessary in others. When the testosterone in the body drops in comparison to the estrogen levels, changes in breast tissue can occur. Testosterone is known to control the growth of muscles and body hair, while estrogen controls breast tissue growth. When testosterone levels are too low compared to estrogen levels, male breast growth can occur.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Diminished testosterone levels often accompany the natural aging process. However, various underlying health conditions can also cause testosterone levels to drop and estrogen levels to rise. Conditions that can affect testosterone production include damage to the testosterone production cells in the testes, testicular trauma, inflammation, testicular cancer, radiation, chemotherapy, and diseases in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland of the brain.

Treating Gynecomastia with Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery can reduce breast size in men. During the surgery, liposuction techniques are used to remove excess fatty tissue and excision techniques are used to remove glandular breast tissue or excess skin. The areola size can be reduced, or the nipple can be repositioned. Your procedure depends on your case. Treating gynecomastia with surgery can help you achieve the flat and masculine chest that you desire. 

Candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery 

Men experiencing noticeable enlargement of their breasts may qualify as candidates for gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery can benefit those with excess breast tissue due to hormone imbalances, medication side effects, anabolic steroid use, and excess body fat. Candidates must be in good overall health and understand the risks and results that male breast reduction surgery can provide. The best way to determine if gynecomastia surgery is right for you is through a personal consultation with Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, CA. 

Schedule a Consultation 

If you are interested in male breast reduction surgery for your gynecomastia, contact gynecomastia specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cruise today! Your first step toward a more confident you will be to schedule a consultation appointment by filling out the online contact form on the Cruise Plastic Surgery website for an appointment at the Newport Beach, CA office.  Cruise Plastic Surgery’s dedicated team caters to individuals in Newport Beach and neighboring locales, including Orange County and Los Angeles County.

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