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    Gynecomastia Consultation Questions


    Are you board certified in plastic surgery? If yes, with whom?

    Are you a member of national associations of societies in your specialty? If yes, with whom?


    How many years have you been performing gynecomastia surgery?

    Do you consider yourself a gynecomastia specialist? If so, why?

    How many procedures do you perform each year? How many in total since you started?

    What would you estimate to be the percentage of your patients who experience complications resulting from surgery?

    Before and After Photos

    Can you show me a number of before and after photos of patients who have had the same procedure I would be having?

    Are all of the photos of work performed by you?

    Do you have patients who will speak to me about their experience?


    What type of anesthesia is used?

    If there are different options available, please explain the pros and cons of each –

    Do you perform surgery in an accredited outpatient surgical facility?

    Does a board certified anesthesiologist administer anesthesia care during surgery?

    Which hospitals do you have privileges to practice?

    What is your policy regarding patients who are unhappy with their result?

    What are the possible risk and complications associated with having gyne surgery?

    How much time will I need to take off work?

    Do I need someone to drive me to and from surgery?

    When can I drive myself after surgery?

    When can I resume physical activity?

    What is the estimated recovery time for my procedure?

    What is the cost of my surgery and what is included and not included?

    Observations/Questions to Ask Yourself

    Does your surgeon really listen to you and understand your goals

    Were you able to ask questions and get answers to them?

    Do you feel comfortable and confident with your surgeon’s staff?

    After the consultation did you feel pressured in any way to schedule surgery?

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