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Gynecomastia Surgery Changes Lives: Brandon’s Story

January 26, 2022

The day 23-year-old Brandon visited Cruise Plastic Surgery is one that forever impacted his life. 

Each year, Dr. Cruise performs surgery on over five hundred gynecomastia patients; some are straightforward while others are more complex. And then there are patients like Brandon who allow themselves to be completely vulnerable and share their personal stories about living with gynecomastia. You see, it goes beyond the physical issues. The emotional problems can be far more devastating than the gynecomastia itself. Such was the case with Brandon. 


First Noticeable Gynecomastia Symptoms

Around 12 years of age, Brandon started noticing changes in the appearance of his chest. At first, it was small, but then the fullness began to grow quickly. At 16, he vividly recalls it being at its worst. He had noticeable “man boobs.” Brandon was confused, humiliated, and concerned. He wondered if it was going to stay this way forever. Brandon was too ashamed to talk to his parents, so he kept it to himself. Over time, he found it more challenging to handle. He avoided looking at this body in the mirror and looking down at his chest when he showered. Brandon withdrew socially and started wearing bulky clothing to hide his chest. He avoided activities such as going to the pool or the beach; dating was out of the picture.


The Emotional Toll of Gynecomastia

Brandon felt trapped by his gynecomastia, and his life didn’t seem worth living. The emotional toll led to drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs, soon becoming an addiction. Brandon felt lost and hopeless, and suicidal thoughts entered his mind. He fell deeper and deeper into depression which led to a near-tragic event. One day he was out driving and saw a cliff in the distance. Brandon decided “enough was enough,” and he would end his life by driving off the cliff. As he sped toward the cliff, Brandon suddenly changed his mind, slamming on his brakes and avoiding the near life-ending event. Brandon just sat there with his heart racing, contemplating his life. Fortunately, he had an awakening that began his journey toward getting help. 

Soon after, he opened up to his mother about his gynecomastia and the emotional damage it was causing. She was shocked to learn that Brandon had been carrying this burden alone for so many years. After receiving much love, support, and acceptance from his mom, he felt comfortable opening up to his father a few days later. They were both committed to helping him regain his life. 


Treating Gynecomastia

Brandon didn’t know gynecomastia was treatable, but when he started researching online with his mother, he was surprised to learn surgery could potentially get rid of it permanently; the masculine chest he always wanted might be a possibility. This was the light at the end of the tunnel that Brandon needed to motivate him to reclaim his life. After looking over many plastic surgeons’ websites, Brandon consulted with Dr. Cruise because he is regarded as one of the premier gynecomastia specialists. 

When Brandon finally met with Dr. Cruise, he felt a sense of relief learning that he was a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery and that it would be gone forever. However, he recalls having a lot of apprehension because of prior bad surgery experiences, specifically under local anesthesia. Fortunately, the team at Cruise Plastic Surgery put his mind at ease by supporting him every step of the way. On the day of surgery, the local sedation calmed Brandon’s nerves, and he selected his favorite show on Netflix. In just one and a half hours. Dr. Cruise meticulously performed the procedure, and Brandon was free of gynecomastia! 


Brandon’s Gynecomastia Surgery Results

The day after his gynecomastia surgery, Brandon returned to Dr. Cruise’s office for his post-op visit and a first glance at this new chest. Once the bandages came off, he was stunned at what he saw. After suffering for over a decade, the lumps were gone just like that! It was a surreal moment. Adjusting to his chest wasn’t easy at first. Although the “man boobs” were gone, the emotional destruction still lingered behind. It took a while to adjust to his new body and train his brain that it was gone, that he could begin living his life anew. Throughout his recovery, his confidence improved. He finally started standing straight, walking tall, and wearing thin shirts. Once Brandon fully recovered, he began going to the pool, cliff diving, and boating, all without wearing a shirt—something he thought would never be possible. 

Once a withdrawn, isolated young man, Brandon now freely talks about his experience living with gynecomastia. He wants others to know it’s important to share with someone, anyone. There is no benefit to suffering in silence. Gynecomastia surgery is available to get rid of the condition forever. For those who cannot afford surgery, Cruise Plastic Surgery offers financing options and financial assistance to those who meet specific requirements. 

To find out more about gynecomastia correction, please our site or call the office at 949.644.4808. 


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