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    Are you a Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

    Gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue, is a common concern among men. A male breast reduction uses several techniques to create a flatter, more masculine chest. Find out what makes a successful or unsuccessful candidate to determine if you could benefit from this procedure.

    What makes a successful candidate?

    A good candidate for gynecomastia surgery is anyone who feels uncomfortable with their enlarged breast tissue. Your enlarged breasts don’t have to be severe to justify treatment. There are six types of gynecomastia, ranging in severity. Whether you experience puffy nipples, a rounded chest, or more severe breast sagging, you could benefit from a male breast reduction. Even the mildest cases of gynecomastia can result in self-consciousness and prevent you from feeing your best, especially when going shirtless.

    What makes an unsuccessful candidate?

    There are some things that could compromise your procedure results. For example, patients who are overweight can still have their gynecomastia improved, but this could result in a disproportionate figure. The focus for any plastic surgery procedure is to create natural looking results, so to be a successful candidate, you should be within your ideal weight range. Poor skin quality can also affect your results. During gynecomastia surgery, excess tissue is removed, and the skin must contract back. If you experience skin laxity, your skin might not be able to contract, resulting in poor results. Your surgeon can examine your skin to determine if it is in good enough quality for the procedure.

    Dr. Cruise is an expert in gynecomastia treatment and can determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Cruise, contact our office today!


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