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    Gynecomastia: Dr. Cruise Breaks It Down

    Board Certified plastic surgeon and a recognized men’s plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Cruise is dedicated to education and awareness of his newest techniques and practices. His latest contribution to the plastic surgery community is an article on gynecomastia treatment for LA-Story, a lifestyle center for the ins and outs of Los Angeles.

    Awareness is the first step to a solution, and Dr. Cruise defines gynecomastia for men who might feel resigned to their condition without really knowing what it is. Most importantly, he discusses his game-changing surgical techniques and what men have to gain by pursuing treatment at Cruise Plastic Surgery, including confidence, understanding, and great, long-term results.

    It can be difficult to reach many men who believe plastic surgery is primarily for women and don’t seek treatment for what can be a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. Dr. Cruise has many years of experience in helping men achieve the masculine profile they want and understands the unique needs and concerns that go along with male plastic surgery techniques, which begin at the first point of contact.

    Dr. Cruise seeks to facilitate an environment where men can find comprehensive, effective treatment for their gynecomastia by a plastic surgeon devoted to always progressing and refining the techniques used to help men achieve their ideal profile. He has even created a unique, first-of-its-kind classification system that measures six different severities of gynecomastia, in order to help patients receive the best treatment for their unique anatomy. Dr. Cruise has perfected his techniques so far that he can even perform mild corrections under local anesthesia.

    If you’re struggling with gynecomastia, you deserve the best male plastic surgery treatment from the best gynecomastia- specialized plastic surgeon in LA. Contact Cruise Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and begin your treatment journey towards a new you.

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