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    Types of Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia is a condition in which there is an enlargement of glandular tissue in male breasts. This condition can affect boys and men of all ages and can cause feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. If you are suffering from this condition, it is important to understand what kind of gynecomastia you have, and what your treatment options are. Because of this, we have put together an overview of the different types of gynecomastia, their causes, and treatment.

    Teenage Gynecomastia

    Teenage gynecomastia affects boys who are going through puberty, usually around the ages of 13-15 years old. This condition in teens is caused by hormonal changes during puberty and affects both estrogen and androgen levels. While it usually goes away on its own by the late teen years, if it carries into the adult years it is true gynecomastia and can be treated with gynecomastia surgery.

    Adult Gynecomastia

    Adult gynecomastia affects men who are 20 years or older. It can be caused by many different factors, including hormonal imbalances, genetics, use of steroids, certain medications, marijuana use, and hormonal health conditions. The first step to treating adult gynecomastia is to ensure that an underlying medical condition is not causing your gynecomastia. If not, gynecomastia surgery may be able to help.

    Bodybuilder Gynecomastia

    Bodybuilder gynecomastia can be a very frustrating condition for men who have dedicated their time to reach peak physical condition. However, some bodybuilders use performance enhancers such as steroids or certain medications, which can cause hormones to fluctuate. This can result in excess breast tissue, which will not go away once performance enhancers are stopped. Most bodybuilders experience Type 1 or Type 2 gynecomastia, which can be corrected with surgery.

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