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What You Should Know About Gynecomastia: Type 6

November 18, 2021

Patients dealing with gynecomastia may be unaware that there are six distinct types of the condition. These six types were defined by Dr. Cruise, who created the Cruise Classification System to identify and properly treat various presentations of gynecomastia. The most severe type is defined as  Type 6 gynecomastia, Continue reading to learn more about Type 6 gynecomastia.

What is Type 6 Gynecomastia?

Type 6 gynecomastia is primarily defined by a significant amount of excess skin and a chest roll which extends into the underarms and around to the back. These patients will see no definition in the chest whatsoever and have severe sagging in the area due to this excess loose skin. This will also result in the nipple falling two centimeters or more beneath the chest fold. The average Type 6 gynecomastia patient may be any age, and often has a history of obesity followed by massive weight loss. Type 6 gynecomastia is more of a skin laxity issue than it is an excess of breast tissue, but it generally includes removal of breast tissue, fatty tissue and excess skin. It can also be defined as a chest lift or upper body lift. 

 What Causes Type 6 Gynecomastia?

The most common cause for type 6 gynecomastia is massive weight loss. These patients have a history of being significantly overweight and now face severe loose skin, resulting in the appearance of gynecomastia. Aging can also play a role in Type 6 gynecomastia, as the skin will lose collagen and elastin over time, making it prone to sagging and laxity. Finally, Type 6 gynecomastia patients will have some excess breast tissue or fat in the chest area. This can be due to a variety of factors, including hormonal imbalance and side effects of drugs.

How is Type 6 Gynecomastia Treated?

More extensive incisions are required to treat Type 6 gynecomastia compared to other types. These incisions will follow along the chest fold and around to the back so that Dr. Cruise can reduce the excess skin circumferentially. Vertical incisions may also be made in the underarms as well as circular incisions around the areolas so the nipples can be moved to a more natural-looking position through either an anchor lift or free nipple graft. Through the incisions  made, Dr. Cruise will remove excess fat and breast tissue as necessary. The chest and back will be sculpted for a smoother and more masculine appearance. Though incisions are larger than other gynecomastia surgeries, scarring should be minimal as incisions follow the natural contours of the body. Dr. Cruise can explain what to expect in detail during your consultation.

After Type 6 gynecomastia surgery, a majority of patients spend about one week resting and recovering at home before they are ready to return to work or other non-strenuous routines. Throughout the healing process, Dr. Cruise will instruct you to wear compression garments to aid in proper healing, and drains will be in place for the first six to ten days. Some swelling and soreness are both normal, especially early in the healing process. More details will be given by Dr. Cruise and his team when you meet with them in person. 

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